3Fifs (Three Fifs) is a St. Louis, MO born hip-hop artist who, as opposed to simply making music, aims to make history. Since releasing his first full-length project “Birth of a Nation” in February of 2013, Fifs has gone on to earn several accolades: his debut single “Castro” went on to receive rotation on radio stations worldwide; his follow-up single “Danny Bonaduce” was featured in over 100 blogs, the video was aired on MTV’s RapFix, and the former TV star himself featured the video on his website and radio show; and his single “Jim Crow” was was acknowledged by industry vet Tory Harrelson as being “extremely original.” In addition, 3Fifs was nominated for “Freshman of the Year” at the 2013 SLUM Fest hip-hop awards, and in May of 2014, became one of only 14 US hip-hop artists chosen to showcase at the Canadian Music Week, performing live at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto.

Following his international acclaim, 3Fifs relocated to Atlanta, GA to expand his reach. With the release of his latest project, “The Runaway LP,” Fifs found himself, again, on the international radar with the single “Blind the Sun” making airwaves in 11 different countries. The single was also picked up by Tunecore as a part of the network’s “Summer Jams 2015” compilation and was featured on dozens of blogs and news outlets. In addition to exposure, the single got the St. Louis emcee a nod as a semi-finalist in the 2016 International Songwriters Competition and earned first prize in the 2017 Great American Song Contest. With the releases of his latest single “What You Know Bout Dat” and the underground track “Black President,” Fifs again garnered buzz on online playlists. The artist has ambitious plans to release two full projects this year, and is currently filling up his calendar with shows. With more singles and videos to follow, Fifs is poised to put the world on notice once again in 2017.