Takeoff Season

For the past two and a half years, I’ve had so many changes in my life that I had to put my music promotions on hold. That’s why, when I released “The Runaway LP,” I didn’t shoot any new music videos or do any shows other than the couple invitations I had to perform in Charlotte. Now, I’m in a place to take full advantage, and I have the best music I’ve ever made.

With “The George Erwin Taylor Project,” you’ll hear the hungriest me you’ve ever heard on wax. The bars, the concepts, the delivery…I’m on a whole new level than I’ve ever been. You’ll also see a side of my personality that you haven’t seen before. Even though this is my third official release, I have worked on this project longer than any project I’ve released to date.

I’m already seeing the benefits of this hunger: my song “WYTout” caught the attention of Gucci Mane, Tory Lanez, Liz Uzi Vert and others on SoundCloud. And, for the listeners who think, “How can the guy that wrote ‘Blind the Sun’ write a song about titties,” I told you it was coming on “The Nu Spiritual.”

“I’m you conscience, you conscious? Well, consciously/you be thinking about some nonsense constantly./Yet, you won’t put it your content, when honestly,/you know that’s the shit they gon ride with. You copy me?/…’Whip Ya Titties Out…’ you ain’t drop that track yet?/You know, the day you do, that’s gon net us a fat check.” – “The Nu Spiritual” second verse.

This project has been a long time coming, and I’ve got another project, “Red Summer,” that’s been brewing even longer, that I’m putting out right after this. It’s takeoff season.


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